Grow Your Own Food

Gardening for food

On this page of our website we have provided links to further information on growing your own food, just click on a video or link to find out more. 

We will be regularly adding new content for plant lovers of all levels of experience.

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Guides to sowing seed in trays, pots, and the ground

Fruit & Vegetable Growing

Advice on how to grow your garden crops coming soon

Harvesting Your Crops

When and how to harvest your crops coming soon

How to plan your space, preparing the soil, yearly crop rotation, when to sow and plant

How to grow in a square foot of space or lay your garden out in a simple grid system

Pest & Disease

Common Fruit and vegetable pest and disease control coming soon

Recommended Varieties

Variety and supplier recommendations coming soon

Recommended Gardening Products

Product and supplier recommendations coming soon

Saving Your Own Seed

How to save seeds from your own plants to sow next year. coming soon

Advice on protecting your crops and plants from cold, frost, extreme weather, and pests. coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon