'Cultivate' into work programme

The Cultivate horticulture training programme provides job seekers, career changers, and college students with quality work experience and horticultural training. Hours volunteered and skills learned are documented with employment references provided*. Training is given in a range of horticulture skills by qualified, experienced horticulturalists.

Our programme is committed to fostering inclusivity and providing opportunities. We believe everyone should have equal access to professional development and the chance to pursue their passion for horticulture.

We've been running the programme since 2022, and of the 30 people who've joined the programme, 28 have successfully found employment, and 2 are still with us.

Our only requirement is that you're over 16 years old. We'd ideally like a regular commitment of 2 to 16 hours a week but could accommodate a smaller or larger number of hours. We have a positive attitude to overcoming mental health challenges and physical challenges and would love to work with you and support your journey to accessing the career you seek.

We are happy to talk to work coaches and colleges regarding placements.

Please have a look at our FAQ below and get in touch if you'd like to join or find out more.

What skills will I learn?

You'll work alongside industry professionals in a variety of settings, such as community gardens, private gardens, and public spaces, gaining exposure to different facets of the horticulture industry. You'll actively contribute to ongoing projects, gaining real-world experience in areas such as plant selection, garden maintenance, plant care, pruning, mowing and hedge trimming. Additionally, you may have the opportunity to interact with clients, providing insights into customer service and project management.

What happens if I can't do some of the tasks?

We have an opt-in system, so you're under no pressure to do a task if you don't feel comfortable. We'll work with you to look at ways to adapt the task, or the method, and look at different tools and techniques. You can opt out or take rest breaks at any time.

What sort of jobs could I get?

Of the 30 people who've taken part in our programme, 28 have already found work. Most have found work in the horticulture industry. Others used their Cultivate reference and the transferable skills learned on the Programme to find work in other sectors.

How long would I stay on the Programme for?

You can stay on the Programme for as long as you like. On average, people find work after 13 sessions.

Any other questions?

Please get in touch!

Email: admin@gardeningin.org
Phone: 01323 406945

Background to the programme:

Dan Ori, GIA Director, was inspired to start the Cultivate Programme because he had seen through his own experience the huge skills shortage in the horticulture industry. At the same time, he realised it can be difficult for people without formal qualifications, or who have faced challenges in their lives, to get the skills and confidence to find work.

Dan has also drawn on his own health challenges to create an inclusive programme, which welcomes people of all abilities, and adapts to individuals' needs.