About Us


Our Aim

GIA seeks to grow the joy of plants and gardening in everyone, enriching lives, building communities, increasing employment opportunities, advocating good horticultural practice, and positively impacting the environment.

Our operating brands: GIA, GIA (Gardening In Action) CIC, Gardening In, Gardening In Association, Original Gardening

GIA operates as a nonprofit community interest company (CIC) that:

  • supports community growing and green space management

  • delivers gardening workshops in the community and online

  • provides horticultural training and advice

  • produces plants and products with a lower environmental impact than commonly available

Who are we here for?

Principally we are here to support gardening and plant interactions of the individual residents, businesses, and organisations in Sussex communities. However, we create resources and support that can be accessed worldwide.

What do we do (strategic objectives)

  • Supply information, inspiration, and advice to gardeners.

  • Provide gardening mentorship and facilitation between new and more experienced gardeners.

  • Identify and support people new to gardening.

  • Help gardeners of all abilities to garden and enjoy plants.

  • Ensure equal access and opportunity to gardening and plants for individuals from minority, marginalised, underprivileged groups.

  • Support experienced and professional gardeners to learn and develop new horticultural knowledge and skills.

  • Support existing and create new gardening projects in the community.

  • Hold events and training for our targeted communities.

  • Provide advice and advocate good horticultural practice.

  • Champion actions that help mitigate climate change and support biodiversity.

Where do we operate?

Our focus is on supporting residents, businesses, and organisations in Sussex communities. Currently, our core focus is on supporting gardening in the communities of Seahaven and Ouse Valley. However, we always try to make our information and support available worldwide.


The Gardening In Association (GIA) was formed in March 2020 at the start of the first U.K. lockdown. We operated as a community interest unincorporated association rather than a members association; we do however offer supporters memberships, including FREE social membership.

Back in March 2020, we gained over 200 social members in the first 24 hours of launching GIA! Today we have around 600 social members and a growing impact on thousands of people, gardens, and green spaces in Sussex.

The Present

We are now a community interest company (CIC). A CIC is a type of nonprofit organisation, and GIA is a type of CIC that has no shareholders, we are limited by guarantee. Some of the advantages of being a CIC will be the ability to receive more funding and employ team members. CIC status will ultimately help us to have a larger impact on our communities.

The Future

GIA will help thousands of people grow their joy of plants and gardening, becoming the most recognised gardening social enterprise in Sussex with national recognition.

Registered details

GIA (GARDENING IN ACTION) CIC is registered by guarantee (not shares) with Companies House, Cardiff. Our Company Number is 13984105; this gives us nonprofit status as Directors cannot draw dividends/funds CIC.