Square Foot and Raised Bed gardening

The Gardening In Association loves this simple gardening method, we recommend this innovative gardening method to all gardeners. 

Those new to gardening will enjoy just how easy Square Foot Gardening is to get up and running; it is quick and easy to set up and doesn't require you having to learn too much about soil and plants. 

This method is attractive to the more experienced gardener also! The main advantages are less watering, less weeding, fewer seeds used, less work preparing for planting, and better crops!

The Gardening In Association is providing the UK's first Certified Instructors, they will be delivering training via online videos and workshops. Instructors are also available to train groups and individuals in person throughout the UK.

One of the largest barriers to this method becoming established in the UK is the availability of affordable construction materials and peat-free planting mixes that work well. The Gardening In Association is happy to announce that it will now be providing kits and planting mixes developed by horticultural expert Dan Ori (Contact Us for more information).

Video guides by our UK expert (more being filmed every week! Watch this space!!)

Join Dan Ori Horticultural Expert and Square Foot Gardening Certified Instructor as he shows how to square foot garden.