Horticulture & Arboriculture Community Consulting

Supporting Groups In Sussex

We have helped numerous groups and initiatives throughout Sussex. Sometimes these projects are of a sensitive nature and cannot be shared immediately or at all!

These are some of the projects we have been involved with:

  • Advising multiple Community Interest Companies on best practices and legal obligations.

  • Help to set up gardening associations and Community Interest Companies.

  • Providing land, plant, and tree surveys.

  • Providing a second opinion on plant and tree health issues.

  • Offering garden/plant/tree advice to groups and the general public.

  • Problem-solving growing initiative issues like community engagement, permits, and insurance.

  • Advising on street tree and green space planting.

  • Helping groups have productive meetings and stay organised.

  • Help match volunteers with gardening and support role opportunities.

  • Provide training on aspects of gardening and tree care.

  • Help groups and organisations write grant applications.