Garden Club

Garden Clubs Project

New Garden Clubs are proposed for Cradle Hill & Chyngton Seaford, Denton Island Newhaven, Piddinghoe Ave Peacehaven, Landport Lewes.

Delivered by: Gardening In Association (GIA)

Our Aim: GIA seeks to grow the joy of plants and gardening in everyone, enriching lives, building communities, increasing employment opportunities, advocating good horticultural practice, and positively impacting the environment.

Project Aim: Engaging with Ouse Valley/Seahaven communities that are experiencing challenges combating climate change due to financial stresses or limited community social interaction.

Delivering hosted gardening clubs undertaking

· social meetings (including talks)

· practical demonstrations and activities

· community events (including plant/seed swaps)

· garden/green space visits

Climate Objectives:

•Promoting horticultural practices that retain more carbon in plants and soil

•Encouraging biodiversity

•Improving community horticultural knowledge and skills with a sustainable focus

•Promoting water-wise solutions and practice to conserve water

•Promoting the potential of solar in gardening

•Advocating a reduction and elimination of chemical interventions for plant health and crop production

•Promoting a peat-free gardening culture

•Promoting growing your own food

•Harnessing the community’s potential to effectively compost

•Promoting a reduce – reuse – recycle – reinvest gardening culture

•Improving awareness of plant biosecurity, pest, and diseases issues

All the Ouse Valley/Seahaven community will benefit but hosting in community hubs of Cradle Hill & Chyngton Seaford, Denton Island Newhaven, Piddinghoe Ave Peacehaven, Landport Lewes ensures maximised interactions in communities that need it most.

Updates will be shared at community events, by email, social media, local print press, local radio/TV.

Beyond initial funding the clubs will continue, supported by seeking additional grants, donations, and fundraising (including plant sales).

Status: Bid Shortlisted by Southdowns National Park Trust

We have been shortlisted for funding... but we need your help!!!

Can we ask for a minute of your day to help us get funding to deliver Free Community Gardening Clubs?

Every vote is critical to us gaining funding… so please just watch this 60 second video and then follow the bottom link and click/press next to Gardening In Association to vote… that’s all you need to do!

Thank you in advance for making our communities a greener friendlier place.

Any questions, just reach out to us or our chairman Dan Ori