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From a simple pot plant or window box to a large community garden or nature reserve; we are helping people positively impact their lives through plants.

Interested in starting or improving a community garden or green space? We can help with a free consultation!

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We can supply expert horticultural advice and consulting services to organisations and individuals*

Although some consultants will help in the establishment of some projects, we do not provide gardening services.

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Free Gardening Workshops

We hold free gardening workshops in Sussex.

Our next workshops are informal coaching sessions in Seaford, come along to our gardening workshops at The Peverells Community Garden, Seaford contact us to check when a session is running.

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Gardening In-doors

Dan attempts to rescue 3 dead-looking Aloes, but will he manage to resurrect these plants? Watch to find out 


How to rescue succulents from near death!


17 March 2023

Our Gardening In Seaford Group exceeds 700 members!

A group for like-minded people who love plants and gardening.

Open to all who live or have a connection to the town of Seaford in East Sussex.

Strongly supported by our Garden Ambassadors sharing and encouraging the sharing of YOUR:

🌺plants and gardens

🥀ask members for advice and plant identification

👩‍🌾members seed/plant/sundries swap/buy

💻virtual garden and show tours and plant focus

🏡promoting open gardens, flower & garden shows/events

✂how-to guides

📅garden jobs for the week

📸interviews, blogs/vlogs/articles/videos/photos

‟Q″quotes and inspiration

💌members offers

If you live in Seaford, East Sussex REQUEST TO JOIN

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Hi, I am Dan Ori and Original Gardening is my YouTube Channel. I have been gardening and growing plants professionally for over 27 years! I would love to share with you my growing knowledge, gardening successes, and floral failures... yes even a "highly qualified experienced horticultural expert" still has dead plants and poor harvests!!! I will take you on garden tours and will be joined by guests from time to time (if you would like to be in a video, just reach out to me). I hope you find these videos a source of blooming marvelous information, inspiration, and advice. I am founder and chairman of the Gardening In Action (GIA), https://www.youtube.com/c/OriginalGardening

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